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[audio]Computational Flow - Brian G. Mc Enery
Aspects of the flow of computational knowledge.
Keywords: computation
Downloads: 15
[texts]Graphical And Mechanical Computation Part 1 Alignment Charts - Joseph Lipka

Keywords: Computation
Downloads: 878
[unknown]Course 08: Theory of Computation (ArsDigita University)
A theoretical treatment of what can be computed and how fast it can be done. Applications to compilers, string searching, and control circuit design will be discussed. The hierarchy of finite state machines, pushdown machines, context free grammars and Turing machines will be analyzed, along with their variations. The notions of decidability, complexity theory and a complete discussion of NP-Complete problems round out the course...
Keywords: computation
Downloads: 79,654 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(8 reviews)
[image]Natural Computation Graphics Files - Brian Mc Enery
A Variety of graphics and other files used to publish knowledge on Natural Computation.
Keywords: natural computation
Downloads: 100
[audio]One step in the right direction - Brian G. Mc Enery
Evolving our action to reach the target.
Keywords: evolution; computation
Downloads: 141
[movies]Filiocht Poetry - Brían Mach Aon Innéirghthe
The beginning of poetry.
Keywords: poetry; computation
Downloads: 13
[audio]The Shield of Invincible Computation - Brian G. Mc Enery
Managing the global economy using invincible computation.
Keywords: invincible; computation
Downloads: 5
[texts]Nondeterministic computation - Peifeng Wang
The execution of an algorithm on computing machines is studied. By Cantor's diagonal argument, we show that, the number of executions within a computation on a nondeterministic Turing machine is asymptotically greater than the number of steps within a computation on a deterministic Turing machine. Thus a nondeterministic machine can have more computing power than a deterministic machine, therefore suggesting P != NP.
Keywords: Nondeterministic computation
Downloads: 25
[audio]Superfluid Flow of Knowledge - Brian Mc Enery
The development of the flow of natural computational knowledge as a means of responding to the immediate requirements of action.
Keywords: natural computation
Downloads: 41
[audio]Archery and the Art of Computation - Brian G. Mc Enery
The process of pulling the arrow back on the bow.
Keywords: archery; computation
Downloads: 26
[audio]D-NC-VM The Computation of Birds - Brian G. Mc Enery
The active dynamics of immediate computation.
Keywords: dynamic computation
Downloads: 5
[audio]Language Core Programming - Introductory Concepts - Brian G. Mc Enery
Beginning the process of introducing Language Core Programming
Keywords: language; computation
Downloads: 45
[audio]LCP - Introductory Event January 2011 - Brian G. Mc Enery
Introducing a method for teaching an integrated approach to computation and language.
Keywords: computation; language
Downloads: 5
[texts]Architectures for Embedded Computation Lectures - Instituto Superior Técnico
Laboratory lectures for the "Architectures for Embedded Computation (Arquitecturas para Computação Embebida) course of the MSc in Computer Science and Software Engineering of Instituto Superior Técnico. There were three main laboratory lectures: 1 - ILP and pipeline Processing 2 - Memory systems 3 - Risk analysis d4-7.tar.gz - Simulator dineroIV version 4-7 dineroIV_manual.pdf - User manual for dineroIV edumips64-0.5.2.tbz2 - Simulator EduMIPS64 version 0.5.2 edumips64-0.5.tar.bz2 - Simulator...
Keywords: embedded computation
Downloads: 428
[texts]12721 35513 1 PB
The main aim of study was to assess the comparative use of molecular and quantum chemical descriptors in developing efficient QSARs for predicating thetoxicity of chemicals towards Hydra attenuata. The comparison of the QSARs [ pIGC50 = -22.185 ELUMO + 0.020 a +1.128 , R2adj = 0.932, RSS = 6.997, F= 398.611], [pIGC50 = 1.032 w + 0.022 a – 1.019, R2adj = 0.9284, RSS =0.7.3719, F= 376.9091], [ pIGC50= -38.098ELUMO + 3.375, R2adj = 0.8895, RSS =11.3781, F = 234.3418] and [ pIGC50= 0.019 w – 0.0...
Keywords: Computation Chemsitry
Downloads: 189
[audio]The first lesson in Gaelic Computation - Brian Mc Enery PhD
Keywords: gaelic computation; vedic mathematics; modern computation
Downloads: 74
[audio]Initial Language Adaption of Computational Concepts - Brian G. Mc Enery
Taking the first steps in adapting computational concepts into different languages.
Keywords: computation; language; adaption
Downloads: 2
[audio]The Field of Absolute Computation - Brian G. Mc Enery
Beginning the journey into the heart of knowledge.
Keywords: irish; computation; economics; evolution
Downloads: 8
[audio]Walkabout through Wholeness - Brian G. Mc Enery
A little journey through wholeness, the significance of computation to health.
Keywords: wholeness; computation; digit sum
Downloads: 14
[audio]Knowledge v's Information - Brian Mc Enery
Contrasting the wholeness of integrated knowledge with the paucity of objective information.
Keywords: computation; ethics; integrity
Downloads: 37
[texts]Cor Ealadh Tus Maith - Brian G. Mc Enery
The most important recording in respect of the state of the Irish educational system. 
Keywords: education. ireland; tachyon; computation
Downloads: 17
[audio]Shield of Invincible Computation - Brian G. Mc Enery
The basic processes of creating invincible computation as a means of stabilizing the global economic information system
Keywords: computation; invincibility; stability
Downloads: 8
[audio]Invincible Computation - Brian G. Mc Enery
Develops some aspects of invincibility and how they relate to computation.
Keywords: computation; mathematics; defence; invincibility
Downloads: 5
[audio]Creative Computation - Brian G. Mc Enery
Aspects of the creative process in computation.
Keywords: creative; computation; logic
Downloads: 11
[audio]D-NC-VM A Quick Review - Brian G. Mc Enery
A quick review of the research, and the sounds of some of the words in Irish.
Keywords: vedic; gaelic; natural; computation
Downloads: 12
No Abstract Available
Downloads: 112
[texts]Computability Theory - Wilfried Sieg
Contents: The core of section 1 is devoted to decidability and calculability; In section 2, entitled Recursiveness & Church's Thesis, we see that Herbrand's broad characterization was used in Gödel's 1933 paper reducing classical to intuitionist arithmetic; Section 3 takes up matters where they were left off in the second section, but proceeds in a quite different direction: it returns to the original task of characterizing mechanical procedures and focuses on computations and combinatory proce...
Keywords: Theory of Computation
Downloads: 84
[texts]Computation of the absorption factor of centimeter and microwave in the atmosphere oxygen k raschetu koeffitsienta pogloshcheniya santimetrovykh i millimetrovykh radiovoln v atmosfernom kislorode - Naumov, A. P.
No Abstract Available
Downloads: 119
[texts]Investigation of the relative effectiveness of three methods of utilizing laboratory activities in selected topics of junior college mathematics. - Golliday, Joan Maries, 1942-
Keywords: Mathematics; Computation laboratories
Downloads: 141
[texts]Models of Computation Exploring the Power of Computing - John E. Savage
uploaded by jedboom01
Keywords: Computation; Computer Science; Models
Downloads: 331
[audio]Mental v's Machine Computation - Brian Mc Enery PhD
Exploring the significance of practising mental computation as opposed to the use of calculators. Simple checking techniques.
Keywords: digit sum; mental computation; machine computation; calculators; vedic mathematics; Irish
Downloads: 89
[unknown]Natural Computation Software - Brian Mc Enery
Software demos and downloads connected with Natural Computation
Keywords: natural computation; software; downloads; demos
Downloads: 25
[audio]The Process of Computation - Brian Mc Enery
Discusses the contrast between Natural Computation and the current approach dominated by Boolean Logic
Keywords: natural computation; vedic knowledge; irish
Downloads: 38
[audio]GCD - Throwing the Gauntlet - Brian Mc Enery
Commencing the Global Calculator Debate.
Keywords: calculators; vedic; irish; computation; debate
Downloads: 38
[audio]Introduction to Natural Computation - Brian Mc Enery
Gives an initial introduction to the concepts of natural computation and it's roots in the great scientific tradition of Ireland.
Keywords: Education; Computation; Vedic; Irish; Ireland
Downloads: 56
[audio]A Glimpse into Four Space - Brian Mc Enery
Glimpsing the role of dimension in Real 4-space. Beginning the development of the algebraic structure required to precicely describe the transformation of a Real 3-space sphere into a Real 4-space hypersphere.
Keywords: Real Geometry; hypersphere; natural computation
Downloads: 44
[movies]Untyped Lambda Calculus Interpretations v1 - ClaudiusMaximus
audio-visualisation of some computations in untyped lambda calculus
Keywords: Computation; Algorithm; Lambda Calculus; Visualisation
Downloads: 584
[unknown]Jiffy Math - Brian Mc Enery
Example of how to create a mathematical takeaway on the internet.
Keywords: mathematics; natural computation; flash project
Downloads: 71
[audio]Commentary on Jiffy Math - Brian Mc Enery
Gives a commentary on the concept behind Jiffy Math.
Keywords: mathematics; natural computation; simple sums
Downloads: 71
[audio]Athchóiriú Croílár Teanga - Language Core Adaptation - Brian G. Mc Enery
Beginning the process of adapting knowledge into all the languages of the world.
Keywords: computation; software development; language adaptation
Downloads: 6
[texts]Research in network data management and resource sharing : management plan (Volume CAC doc No. 176) - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Keywords: Management; Center for Advanced Computation
Downloads: 61
[texts]25. ECE IJECIERD Novel Method For Live Transmission
The novel technique proposed before to improves the structure of current coupling device in single-phase or three phases electric power measuring equipment and two high frequency coupling windings are added to each current coupling device. The novel technique proposed based on live data transmission from source to destination. At the same time, theadvanced ARM microprocessor is implemented for sampling the data and real-time computation...
Keywords: Arm Processor; Real-Time Computation
Downloads: 18
[texts]Optimally toothed apertures for reduced diffraction (Volume 101) - Shirley, E.L.
Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology
Keywords: parallel processing; aperture; computation; diffraction
Downloads: 78
[texts]Computação Cognição Semiose Final
Computation, Cognition, Semiosis
Keywords: Computation; Cognition; Semiosis; Peirce; Semiotics
Downloads: 12
[texts]2. BCD Adder.full
Filters are widely used in the world of communication and computation. To design a finite impulse response (FIR) filter that satisfies all the required conditions is a challenge. Power consumption by the multiplier and adder blocks in the architecture is the prime cause for concern in FIR design. In this paper, design of an FIR filter entirely using Reversible logic is presented. Reversible logic is emerging as a promising computing paradigm having widespread areas of application...
Keywords: Communication and Computation; FIR Filter
Downloads: 87
[texts]Multi-Junction Thin-Film Solar Cells on Flexible Substrates for Space Power - Hepp, Aloysius F.
The ultimate objective of the thin-film program at NASA GRC is development of a 20 percent AM0 thin-film device technology with high power/weight ratio. Several approaches are outlined to improve overall device efficiency and power/weight ratio. One approach involves the use of very lightweight flexible substrates such as polyimides (i.e., Kapton(Trademark)) or metal foil. Also, a compound semiconductor tandem device structure that can meet this objective is proposed and simulated using Analysis...
Downloads: 105
[texts]Satellite situation report, volume 4, no. 5 - NON
Satellite situation report
Downloads: 131
[audio]Pattern Based Computation - Brian Mc Enery
Commentary on the application of pattern based methods in natural computation.
Keywords: natural computation; vedic; gaelic; design patterns
Downloads: 45
[audio]The Role of Imagination - Brian Mc Enery
Discusses the role of imagination in computation, with a continuation of Real space geometry.
Keywords: imagination; computation; vedic; gaelic; irish; geometry
Downloads: 31
[audio]A Celebration of Natural Computation - Brian Mc Enery
Preview of the global celebration of natural computation due to take place on 1'st November 2008. Update on the Real Space Arena software.
Keywords: natural; computation; real space geometry; irish; vedic
Downloads: 18
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